Crypto Success Stories

Bitcoin was about 2,000–3,000 percent cheaper two years ago than it is today. As a result, many people who made early investments in this new asset are now millionaires, thanks to Bitcoin. Crypto success stories in the cryptocurrency space can provide you with a better understanding of various investment strategies and what it takes to succeed in the virtual currency market.

Success Stories #1

Meet Erik Finman, known as the «Teenage Bitcoin Millionaire.»

At the tender age of 12, Erik struck a unique deal with his parents: he would skip traditional college education if he could demonstrate his ability to generate wealth through unconventional means. The challenge? Transform the $1,000 gift from his grandmother into a staggering $1 million. Erik’s chosen path was to invest this sum into Bitcoin and a selection of other cryptocurrencies when their individual coin prices were a mere $12. This decision turned out to be a stroke of genius when, two years later, Bitcoin’s value soared to $1,200 per coin.

Erik’s journey took an interesting turn when he made a modest investment in an emerging online education startup called Botangle, having divested a portion of his cryptocurrency holdings. The platform, offering video tutoring services, quickly piqued the interest of investors. Astonishingly, they presented the 15-year-old prodigy with a proposition: either accept $100,000 in cash or 300 BTC in exchange for the company.

In his pursuit to win the wager with his parents, become the youngest cryptocurrency millionaire, and evade the conventional college path, Erik boldly chose to receive payment in Bitcoin. And he did so with remarkable success.
As Erik celebrated his 18th birthday, the value of Bitcoin skyrocketed to over $2,700 in June 2017.

Presently, Erik Finman’s estimated net worth stands at an impressive $5 million or more. In 2019, he launched Metal Pay, a platform designed to educate individuals of all backgrounds on the intricacies of Bitcoin investment.

Success Stories #2

Meet Roger Ver, affectionately known as the «Bitcoin Jesus.»

Born in 1979 in San Jose, California, Roger embarked on his career journey while still a college student. He laid the foundation for his success by establishing, a venture that swiftly ascended to market dominance in the realm of optical transceivers, catering to the needs of over 100 global businesses.

Roger’s initial encounter with Bitcoin occurred in 2011 when the cryptocurrency was valued at less than $1. Recognizing the profound significance of this innovation, he made the groundbreaking decision to incorporate Bitcoin as a mode of payment within his own enterprises. Today, Bitcoin’s acceptance as a legitimate form of payment is widespread, thanks in part to Roger’s early advocacy.

However, Roger’s ingenuity doesn’t stop at being an early Bitcoin adopter. He ventured into the world of Bitcoin startups, a move that has yielded substantial dividends. These companies have successfully attracted hundreds of millions of dollars in additional capital and amassed a vast user base that spans the globe.

For his unwavering dedication to the realm of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, Roger Ver has earned the moniker «Bitcoin Jesus.» As one of the earliest and most significant Bitcoin investors, his influence is undeniable. Nevertheless, after years of championing Bitcoin, Roger has shifted his allegiance to Bitcoin Cash, a cryptocurrency he believes is more aligned with the original principles of Bitcoin.

Currently residing in Tokyo, Roger remains an active presence on social media, particularly on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. He utilizes these channels to engage and inspire followers to embrace the potential of Bitcoin Cash, which he believes is poised to achieve its full promise and impact on the digital currency landscape.

Success Stories #3

Meet Cooper Turley, a prominent figure in the world of cryptocurrency with a millionaire’s success story rooted in Ethereum. Cooper is not just an investor but also a trusted advisor, lending his expertise to the Variant Fund, a distinguished cryptocurrency investment firm, and Audius, a decentralized music streaming service. His collaborations extend to DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations), including the notable Friends with Benefits.

Cooper’s journey to success began in 2017, a time when Bitcoin was commanding prices exceeding $2,000, while Ethereum was still trading at just a fraction of that value. Despite being a college student working various part-time jobs, he exhibited foresight by allocating a portion of his earnings into cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin. However, it was his introduction to Ethereum while studying music business at the University of Colorado in 2017 that ignited his passion for cryptocurrency investments. The underlying technology, the Blockchain, fascinated him, and he recognized it as an avenue to establish his presence as a luminary in the cryptocurrency investment arena.

In 2018, Cooper took bold and calculated risks by heavily investing in Ether when its value was hovering around a mere $100. His steadfast commitment to his investments in digital assets paid substantial dividends. Today, Cooper Turley boasts a net worth in the seven figures, a testament to his unwavering determination and diligent efforts in the world of cryptocurrency investments.